Niklas Leifert

* Born and based in Hamburg/Germany
* Raised in French-speaking Geneva/Switzerland (5-10)
and Washington, D.C. (10-16)
* Acting school at the Bern University of the Arts
(bachelor's and master's degree)
* International Screen Acting Workshop
at the Filmacademy in Ludwigsburg 2019

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Personal details

Sex Male
Born 1983, Hamburg / raised in French-speaking Geneva/Switzerland (5-10) and Washington, D.C. (10-16) / based in, Germany, Hamburg
Age range 30 - 40
Build Athletic
Height 178
Hair Light brown
Eye colour Blue
Vocal pitch, dubbing voice Baritone



2019 INTERNATIONAL SCREEN ACTING WORKSHOP with Cathy Haase (Method Acting), Rose Wicksteed, Amy Rowan, Lana Veenker (Casting Training), The Mocap Vaults (Motion Capture), et al.
Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg (Germany)
2018 SELF-AWARENESS AND CHUBBUCK with Beate Maes, Sebastian Gerold, Uwe Bünker, Tom Bohn
DAS coaching-netzwerk (Germany)
2017 ACTING IN THE ENGLISHES with dialect coach Simone Dietrich
Acting Booster Company (Germany)
2011 - 2015 MASTER OF ARTS
Hochschule der Künste Bern (Switzerland)
2008 - 2011 BACHELOR OF ARTS
Hochschule der Künste Bern (Switzerland)



Languages German (mother tongue)
English (fluent)
English – American (fluent)
French (good)
English – British (good)
Swiss German (basic)
Dialects Hamburg (native dialect)
German (Northern) (fluent)
Swiss Plateau/Bern/Solothurn (basic)
Accents Texan (fluent)
English (fluent)
German (Northern ) (fluent)
American (fluent)
French (good)
British (good)
Swiss (basic)
Sports Skiing (very good)
Bowling (very good)
Soccer (very good)
Table tennis (very good)
American football (good)
Billiards (good)
Ice skating (good)
Tennis (good)
Pool (good)
Baseball (good)
Ballsport (good)
Rafting (good)
Swimming (good)
Stage fighting (basic)
Horseback riding (basic)
Aikido (basic)
Dance Standard dance (basic)
Singing Stage singing (basic)
Musical instruments Drums (basic)


2018 Speedca:sting - successful participation
2015 Self Made Shorties Festival
2015 SHNIT International Shortfilm Festival




2019 Mommy's Pickles
Steve, a Texan cowboy Lead
Director: Vadim Dozmorov
2019 The Audition / Das Probespiel
Jürgen, a bridegroom Supporting Lead
Director: Guy Lichtenstein
2018 A Muse
Thomas Supporting actor
Director: Jimmy Bontatibus
2018 Das Jesus Comeback 2018
Jesus Supporting Lead
Director: Lorenz Suter and Bigna Tomschin
2017 An Unromantic Summer Tale / Im Park scheint die Sonne und es ist schön
Martin, a neighbor Supporting actor
Director: Christian Grundey
2017 Pen Pal
Online date Supporting actor
Director: Igor Chojna
2017 Das perfekte Date [COMEDY]
Uwe Lead
Director: Alfons Biedermann
2017 Auf einer Bank
Man #1 Lead
Director: Benjamin Boric
2016 Screen Test
a mean casting assistant Supporting actor
Director: Gabriel Daniel Dorobantu
2016 Kora
Arnold Supporting actor
Director: Urs Odermatt
2015 3,72 €
Leander Supporting actor
Director: Jasper Zeitz
2015 When a Man Loves a Woman
Nico Lead
Director: Andreas Graf
2015 Beim letzten Mal
Man Lead
Director: Andreas Graf
2015 Achtung! Casting
Gerd Supporting actor
Director: Urs Odermatt
2014 Quentin is in Town
The Actor Lead
Director: Julian Martin and Andreas Graf [ch]
2013 unDRIVEN, a road movie from Hamburg to Sicily
Driver Lead
Director: Niklas Leifert
2013 Das ist die Show, die zeigt was Agota Dimen alles kann!
Driver Supporting actor
Director: Piet Baumgartner
2012 - 2013 When the Music Stops
Hubert, a conductor Lead
Director: Andreas Graf
2012 Eric
Eric Lead
Director: Norman Schenk
2012 Back to Nature
Nature lover Lead
Director: Norman Schenk
2009 - 2010 Giorni della Merla - Days of the Blackbird
Clemens Lead
Director: Diego Brentano and Niklas Leifert
2009 Ausgetickt
Tom Tiezer Lead
Director: Diego Brentano
2008 Hammer
Psychiatrist Supporting actor
Director: David Hofer
2008 Die Tür
Nazi and The Death Lead
Director: Werner Henne


2020 Le Bureau des Légendes / The Bureau
Steven, an American lover Supporting actor
Director: Anna Novion
2020 SOKO Wismar - Abgetaucht
Loris Falter, a homeless person Supporting actor
Director: Oren Schmuckler
2013 Bild mit Ton
Moritz Willenegger, an unemployed television viewer Supporting actor
Director: Lara Stoll and Cyrill Oberholzer


2019 Wrong for Each Other
Director: Urs Blaser
2018 Ingeborg
Peter Peter
Director: Peter Niklaus Steiner
2018 Sur le Chemin des Dames
Director: Jean-Bernard Philippot
2017 - 2018 Elling
Kjell Bjarne
Director: Niklas Heinecke
2017 The Tutor
Hasty, the tutor
Director: Peter Staatsmann
2016 - 2017 The Elephant Man
Dr. Treeves
Director: Jens Schmidl
2016 The Merchant of Venice
Bassanio and Louncelot Gobbo
Director: Peter Staatsmann
2016 Always Crashing in the Same Car
Director: Peter Staatsmann
2016 The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared
The Hundred-Year-Old Man
Director: Martin Olbertz
2016 Wir alle für immer zusammen
Teacher Walter, Mimoun, Spiek, Tom, Grandfather
Director: Andreas Ricci
2015 A Midsummer Night's Dream
Lysander and Tom Snout
Director: Alexander Marusch and Jörg Steinberg
2014 Schwäne des Kapitalismus
Richard, a stockbroker
Director: Peter Staatsmann
2014 Tschick
Maik Klingenberg
Director: Martin Olbertz
2013 - 2016 The Final Testament
Jesus / author and performer
Director: Martin Maria Blau
2012 - 2013 Lulu
Dr. Schön
Director: Anne-Süster Andresen
2012 The Favor
Director: Ivo Dimchev
2011 Festen
Helmut, the toastmaster
Director: Tomas Flachs Nóbrega
2011 A Couple of Poor, Polish-Speaking Romanians
Director: Stefan Saborowski
2010 Strip-Tease
Man A
Director: Johannes Mager
2008 A Midsummer Night's Dream
Director: Anselm Lipgens
2008 The Merry Widow
Director: Josef E. Köpplinger
2008 Schnittmuster
Daniel Schreiber
Director: Marion Dimali


2019 Iberogast - Chain of Experience
Man Lead
Director: Jürgen Nerger
2019 Toppits – „Everything alright?“
Dad Supporting actor
Director: Katherine Bell
2019 Haribo – Inner Child
Young dad on the train Supporting actor
Director: Max Millies
2013 Swisscom/Samsung – All Eyes on the S4
Bearded competitor Supporting actor
Director: Kai Sehr


2019 Von der Schönheit der Audio-Produktionen
Mensch Lead
Director: Stephan Lichtensteiger
2018 Multiple
Male voice Lead
Director: Nora Gomringer
2017 Cara Massimina
Giacomo Supporting actor
Director: Philippe Bruehl


2019 Der Deal (Demoszene)
Für den Film [de]
Director: Uwe S.
2018 Love Sick (UK demo scene)
Showreel Hamburg [de]
Director: Alexander Resch
2018 Bliz Nochi - Gokarn Soul

Fired businessman
Director: Sebastian Egert [de]
2018 Lapwings - Masquerade
Kevin Janssen [ch]
Flirting man
Director: Axel Lerner
2017 Taboo (demo scene with slight german accent)
Showreel Hamburg [de]
Mr. Delaney
Director: Alexander Resch
2015 Tinderella (self made shorty)
Self Made Shorties-Festival [de]
Niklas Leifert
Director: Heidrun Fiedler and Niklas Leifert
2014 Schnalcke wieder Single [HAMBURGISCH] (comedy clip)
Snooty Tube Fun [de]
Robert Schnalcke
Director: Alfons Biedermann
2014 Schnalcke seine Freundin (comedy clip)
Snooty Tube Fun [de]
Robert Schnalcke
Director: Alfons Biedermann
2014 München (comedy clip)
Snooty Tube Fun [de]
Perry Kate
Director: Alfons Biedermann
2013 Street Corner Talking - Judgement Day
Andi Fruet [ch]
Director: Rafael Kistler
2010 Pad Riot - Nie Meh
Hochschule der Künste Bern [ch]
Director: Frederic Brueckel
2008 Der Montag - Die Show
Neue Bühne Villach [at]
Director: Martin Schinagl




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